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Welcome to Family Unity Network's
Holiday Crafts & Activities

  in alphabetical order

4th of July
Father's day
Mother's Day
New Years's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day

Please read the craft disclaimer before attempting to make any activity or craft.

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Log Cabin
(an activity suggestion from the book, "100+ Parenting Mistakes" by Gregg Prescott, M.S.)

What you’ll need:
Some small sticks

How to Play:
Find some small sticks (or toothpicks, pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks). Try to make them all about the same length.

For this example, we’ll use sticks that are about 4” long.
Lay two sticks horizontally parallel to each other, with each stick about 3 inches apart from each other.
(see figure 1)

Figure 1

Lay to more sticks vertically parallel at the ends of the first two sticks.

(see figure 2)

Figure 2

Continue this pattern and see how tall you can build your log cabin!

Log cabin teaches your child:

Hand-eye coordination
Visual-spatial intelligence
Dimensional analysis
Teamwork (if you take turns building layers)
The development of new life experiences

*Please note*: Always watch your child and be sure your child is old enough to play with sticks. This may seem like a silly request, but some sticks have sharp ends and some children like putting everything and anything into their mouths. Please use your own discretion in regard to safety while playing these games.

This game costs nothing but time, which is time well spent for what your child will learn while bonding with you!

Games should be fun for children. It’s even better when they’re having fun while creatively expanding their imagination and being taught important cognitive skills they’ll need when they begin school.

The message your child receives is: “I can find things to do by using my creativity and imagination.”

Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your child!

Christmas Ornaments

Here's a craft idea that you can pass on from generation to generation.  You can start your own tradition!

Suggestion: Each year, make a different original Christmas ornament and put the year on each ornament. Make enough ornaments so that you and your children will have some once they start their own family many, many years from now!

Here's what we did every year since 1996,  when my daughter was 1 1/2 years old:


1996: Glitter Bulb - We made a mistake and bought glass ornaments instead of plastic ornaments.  Dad sprayed glue on the ornament and Brittany sprinkled glitter on it.  Dad added the date with Brittany's nail polish.

1997: Styofoam Snowman - Thread some string through 2 small pieces of styrofoam. Use a pipe cleaner for arms and a fine point permanent marker for the charcoal mouth, eyes and date

1998: Snowy Stocking - We bought 12 premade wooden stockings, some craft snow, a white paint pen, some ribbon and a can of red spray paint at a craft store.  We also used the 1996 glitter.

1999: Kitty in a Mitten - Each piece is a precut wooden craft piece that we glued together to make a kitty in a mitten.

2000:  Snowy Tree - This is another precut piece of craft wood.  We used the previous year's craft snow and bought some ribbon, green spray paint and some glitter glue.


2001: Pine Comb with Holly and a Gift - We lived in upstate NY at the time and found the pine combs.  We bought the holly and gift box at the craft store and added somecraft snow on the pine comb.

2002: Jingle Bell Flowers  The date is written on the bells

2003: Holiday Wreath - It's not too fancy, but we made it together!


2004: Blue Snowflake w/ Glitter - All you need is the precut wood, blue spray paint, glitter and some silver string!

2005: Festive Flowerpot - This was cute and easy to make.

2006: Reindeer - Nothing too fancy or complicated, but pretty cute!


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