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Attention Authors:
Please contact me if you would like your book listed in our online store. For more details on this offer please click here

100+ Parenting Mistakes is loaded with valuable information from an experienced Child & Family Therapist, covering over 100 common parenting mistakes and challenges. Some of the many topics covered in this book include manipulation, discipline, conflict resolution, respect, spoiling, spanking, temper tantrums, picky eaters, manners, boundaries, house rules, education, responsibility, chores, anger management, substance abuse, addiction, peer pressure, separation, divorce, Attention Deficit Disorder and how to open a closed door of communication, amongst many more topics! A must read for any parent, young and old!

100+ Parenting Mistakes is based on Gregg Prescott's US and Internationally patent pending Adolescent & Family Skills Program designed to help families who are at-risk of dissolution, parents in need of parenting classes, children who are on probation and for families who are going through the reunification process.

100+ Parenting Mistakes from birth through teens and how to avoid these mistakes
Gregg Prescott, M.S

Interactive Books for  Children

About  Interactive Books:
famunet.com is proud to announce our unique line of children's books, featuring Meowsee.  Our Interactive Books are very special compared to ordinary children's picture books.

Here's what parents and children get from of our Interactive Books:

1. Interactive Books encourage artistic abilities within your child by providing pictures to color and  empty picture frames for your child to draw their own illustrations.
2. Interactive Books expand your child's imagination by allowing your child to add his or her own animation to an empty picture frame.
3. Your child's creativity will be enhanced  when your child draws Meowsee and the characters she interacts with on each page.
4. Through coloring the illustrations in the book, along with your child's own framed illustrations, your child can improve hand-eye coordination through coloring and drawing.
5. All of our books have moralistic values and include simple questions to discuss with your child after reading the book that will enhance their lheir listening and reading comprehension.
6. Our books help to strengthen the bond between reader and child by encouraging the additional interaction  at the end of the story to help parent's reinforce their own values.
7. The child will have a better understanding about reading and listening comprehension through the interaction at the end of the story

Here's what the children  get out of the Interactive Books:

1. A heart-warming story.
2. A picture book.
3. A coloring book.
4. Framed pages to create their own artwork of the story.
5. Most importantly, quality time with the reader.

Click here for 2 sample pages!

A Home for Meowsey

A Home for Meowsee
Written and illustrated by Gregg Prescott
paperback $9.99 or ebook $6.99

About Meowsee ©
Meowsy was different from her brothers and sisters.  She was the smallest kitten of the litter and the only one who didn’t look like the rest of her family.  All of the other kittens found new homes, except for Meowsy.  She decided she would venture out into the country to find a home to call her own.  Where will she look?  Who will she meet?  Where will Meowsy live?

Meowsee©  Tee Shirts



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